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How to create a mailing list on this site ?

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This site can host any relevant ibm mainframe-related mailing list... However, this facility will be reserved for announcement newsletters and user groups that need a mailing list hosting service. If you want a place to discuss about a software or anything else that is not related with an organization of your own please ask for a new forum instead

  1. Contact me and propose the creation of the mailing list; please propose a name and describe the purpose of the mailing list
  2. A poll will be created in order to know whether the mailing list proposal provoques an interest for users. Don't vote YES if you don't intend to subscribe it later.
  3. This might be subjet to changes but actually the mailing list will be created if we have at least 10 votes for the creation of the mailing list
  4. Before creating the mailing list, contact might eventually be done with a related companies
  5. The mailing list will be created and announced; users who voted for its creation are expected to subscribe it

As this is a new service there are no mailing lists currently hosted by this site.

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