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This page will contain the frequently asked questions for users and companies. If you don't find the answer to your question, add it as a comment or send me a message...

How to obtain an account on this site.

All you need to do is follow this link. Beware, you will have to validate your email address before you can connect.  This is why an email will be sent to your address; do not forget to eventually check your junk mail basket if you don't seem to get the confirmation email. You will be able to see the online chat bar at the bottom of the screen only after being connected with a userid. All other facilities will only be available to you such as the possibility to add links for your site... Once you will have sent me a message introducing yourself in a few words as a professionnal involved in the mainframe business.

If your problem is that you can't register, you can always drop me an email to webmaster at loriaux-services.be Some people don't receive their message because they misspelled their email address.

How to create a blog.

Once connected with your account (yes, you need to register first)... - Go to "My account" - Next, in History - Blog, click on "View recent blog entries" - Next, click on  "Post new blog entry" Next, write your blog entry and don't forget to give it a title. Eventually, add a "Summary" might be a good idea. It is that summary that will then appear on the index page of blogs.

How to go use the online chatroom.

Once connected with your account (yes, you need to register first)... - Look at the bar below on your screen. You'll find "Chatrooms". Just enter the chatroom called mainframes. It is actually the only chaatroom I defined but there may be others in the future if needed.

Also read the tutorial in the BLOGS menu for more details.

How to increase your company of personal page's visibility on this site.

First of all, there's something really important you should be aware of : the links on this site are presented in a certain order which depends on you, as they will be presented by Link Weight in descending order. Here is how it works :

  1. 9 points : The company is a current sponsor of the site
  2. 6 points : The company has provided the link, and reference my site on theirs
  3. 5 points : Company gave feedback and reference my site
  4. 4 points : The company hasn't provided the link nor given feedback but references my site on theirs
  5. 2 points : The company has provided the link
  6. 1 point : Company gave feedback
  7. 0 point : No feedback given so far nor link to my site

Once connected with your account (yes, you need to register first)...

  1. Add your links... even if I already added links for your company.
  2. Eventually send me a message although I'll notice your added links within the next 24 hours
  3. Now, as you've seen in the rules of Link Weight, you can do even better by adding a link from one of the pages on your company's site to /mainframes/.
    Description is up to you but might be : Eric Loriaux Services' mainframers' page, social network for System z (z/Os, z/VM, z/VSE, z/Linux, z/TPF) professionals
  4. Once done, please let me know
    Also note that if you do already have a link it obviously is a good idea to tell me also.

Will you have a software downloads area?

There are two possibilities :

  1. An index of software users could download somewhere on the net.
  2. Software that could be downloaded right here

Concerning the second possibility I do not reject the idea but I first have to be cautious about capacity planning. In other words, I first have to see the load of the system, how it evolves as more users come here.
I just don't want to add a service I could have to remove later, so we'll see...
For now, an index might be a good idea but it is already part of the project.

What I will and won't for you...

Please keep in mind I have a job like - I hope - you also do; creating this site is a lot of work... So I think it is a good idea to clearly state that :

  • I will support users and listen to suggestions concerning this site
  • I won't give any System z technical support except eventually in a forum I participate to.

I hope you'll understand...

How do you check the links referenced?

Actually, all links referenced on this site are checked once a day. That's why there aren't many chances you'll ever meet a broken link unless a targeted server has a temporary problem. So, if you had enough of those sites where half of links don't work anymore... You found the right place here :)

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