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The on-line home of the CBT tape collections of z/OS Freeware. Lots of tools for the S/390 programmer or system doctor!

 CBTTAPE.ORG is really the best site for z/OS utilities; surely worth a visit if you really don't know it yet !

COBUG, Cobol User Groups


This is a COBOL resource with information from mainframe to PC COBOL programming with references to COBOL jobs, compilers, migration, program code examples, tutorials, software and other COBOL programming language information.
The COBOL User Groups (COBUG) global community consists of IT management, COBOL programmers, consultants, database administrators, developers, system analysts, students, and vendors.

GSF Software (by Gilbert Saint-Flour)

Information, People, Software

Software and freeware written by Gilbert Saint-Flour for the MVS, OS/390, z/OS, TSO, ISPF environments.

Welcome to GSF Software          
Tools and services for:

  • z/VSE to z/OS Migration and Conversion
  • Language Conversions
  • z/OS Productivity
  • z/OS JCL Redesign
  • Data Center Consolidations



Mainframes.com is a reference source for mainframe professionals and students.

Mainframes.com provides, for example:
dictionaries, introductions to mainframe tools and programming languages, history, and links to training resources.

First assembled by Mike Szyszka of Woodstock, NY, Mainframes.com is now maintained by Software Diversified Services, Minneapolis, MN - www.sdsusa.com.

Mark Zelden's MVS Utilities

Information, People

Mark's MVS Utilities - REXX & TSO CLISTs, ISPF Edit Macros, Sample JOBs, Documentation and more!

OS/390 and z/OS Freeware (by Lionel B. Dyck)

Information, People, Software

Welcome to my website which I've dedicated to making available to the 'world' software that I've written over the years. Here you will find XMITIP, the OS/390 and z/OS E-Mail application (on the TCP/IP Tools page) and many other tools for OS/390 and z/OS. These tools are primarily written in REXX with a few Assembler programs.
My name is Lionel B. Dyck and I've been in systems programming since 1972 (starting with MVT 21.6 - remember IBM APARs delivered on punch cards) and have developed a number of tools over the years. I've created this site to (1) share useful code that I've developed and (2) to return a little back to the community of mainframe systems programmers from whom I've learned so much. I've gleaned code and knowledge from the MVT Tools Tapes (remember the Blue Berets?) to the current CBT Tape and a wealth of Web Sites. I hope my contributions here are helpful to others.

Rizzuto IT


Knowledgebase for Systemprogrammers, including topics OS/390, LE/370, RACF, SMS, WLM and many more.

VSE-L VSE Mailing/Discussion List and Resources for VSE

Information, Mailing

VSE-L, discussion land and resources for the VSE / ESA operating system! VSE & VM Vendor & Product index. Links to Code, User Groups, Humor, Jobs, Languages/Apps, Year 2000 and more.



The World's biggest Support forum for IBM Mainframes since 1998

IBM Mainframe Forum Download Manuals Job Vacancies Tools computers software downloads IBM Cobol cics db2 jcl programs.

AFew z/OS Tools and Toys (by Doug Nadel)

Information, People

z/OS Freeware, samples and documentation
Except where noted, the programs and tools downloadable from this site written by and are available from Doug Nadel


Information, People

MVS freeware here, along with some of my thoughts about MVS, the web, and software generally.

B.V. Bixoft

Information, Training, Consulting

B.V. Bixoft is a dutch firm, specialized in assembler-programming for mainframes. Not just for z/OS (also known as MVS or OS/390), but also for VM/CMS and DOS/VSE environments

Best Customer Solutions - Mainframehelp

Information, Consulting

Mainframe systems software(z/OS,CICS,DB2,IMS data base,SMS,HSM,RMM,TCP/IP,VTAM,etc.)consulting,outsourcing,support,web setup,migration,installation,planning & design,systems programming

Bill's Big Iron page

Information, People

This page is dedicated to S/390 Mainframes and the MVS world.

Clipper Group, Inc.

Information, Consulting

The Clipper Group concentrates on critical issues and decisions for information technology buyers, vendors and investors. Our portfolio of services combines technology assessment with business process expertise.
Our Missions :

  • Helping mid-sized corporations make the right information technology decisions by focusing on each company's critical business values.
  • Helping information technology vendors resolve strategic product and marketing issues by better understanding the business needs of the marketplace

The Clipper Group Navigatortm, published since 1993, discusses and reviews IT products.

CMG Home Page

Information, Consulting

The Computer Measurement Group is a not-for-profit, worldwide organization of IT professionals committed to sharing information and best practices focused on ensuring the efficiency and scalability of IT service delivery to the enterprise through measurement, quantitative analysis and forecasting.

Destination z


"Destination z" is a community consisting of Systems z users, educators, business partners and IBMers. Together, this consortium forms alliance designed to educate customers and prospects on the latest System z technology, trends and resources.

DinOS Ring


DinOS is not an acronym, but rather refers to old (or really, really old) Operating Systems.  Many of us still use or support these.  They include OS/MVS, Multics, VMS, UNIX, DOS, OS/2, and many, many more.  While they may not be in vogue, in many data centers around the world, they still handle the bulk of the data processing.  They are elegant in their simplicity, and can handle huge workloads on hardware which is often less powerful than many of today's cell phones.  Long live the DinOS!.

Enterprise Systems Media


Enterprise Systems Media publishes Enterprise Executive and Enterprise Tech Journal (formerly z/Journal) for IT managers and technicians in the world’s largest multi-platform enterprises.

Glenwood Consulting

Information, Consulting

Free PC based ISPF file tailoring skeleton analysis tool. Builds cross references between skeletons and other )IM'd skeletons; skeletons and variables; skeletons and tables; and skeletons and executed programs. There is also functionality to allow uploading data to a z/OS host to load into DB2 tables



GUIDE SHARE EUROPE, The Association of IT Professonals.

Have fun with Norbert's Mainframetools

Information, People

On this site, you will find my ownwritten Rexx-Execs, Rexx-Functions, ISPF-Procedures and Edit-Macros.

Hercules on Windows 7 - Configuring the Loopback Adapter on Microsoft Windows 7


This might be useful if you need to use the Loopback Adapter on Microsoft Windows 7 for your Hercules Emulator

HiLMAs macro language home page by Piero Ronchi

Information, People

These pages are a presentation of my work as a System programmer in mainframe environment: a macro language to do well structured, high level, portable programs in MVS, TSO, CMS, VSE and CICS environment. It resemble an high level language, but it is only Assembler/370.

Installing Debian under Hercules


Yes, that's debian running on an IBM System/390 box. Very emulated one, but still wonderful enough to keep around :)

Installing Red Hat Fedora Linux on Hercules


Hercules is a IBM System Z (aka s390(x)) emulator running on Unix machines. It does a pretty good job
doing so but it's not horribly fast, even on modern systems. Still, it's usable for trying it out or
fixing package failures or stuff like that.



Installing Suse SLES 11 zLinux in Hercules


Linux for S390 @ linux.s390.org


S/390 is IBMs most reliable hardware platform. S/390 servers can be partitioned and run different operating systems - separated from each other - at the same time.

Linux brings the power of Open Source Unix tools to the S/390 mainframe. All the current versions of standard Unix services may run in a Linux partition gaining the advantages of mainframe hardware.

Different security zones (WWW, Application-Server, Firewall, Database, and internal life critical applications) may be installed on only one machine.

Linux for S/390 is a new chance to bring the different worlds of enterprise computing together much closer than ever before.


Linux on System z (Wikipedia)


Linux on System z originated as two separate efforts to port Linux to IBM's largest servers. The first effort, the "Bigfoot" project, developed by Linas Vepstas in late 1998 through early 1999, was an independent distribution and has since been abandoned. IBM published a collection of patches and additions to the Linux 2.2.13 kernel on December 18, 1999, to start today's mainline Linux on System z. Formal product announcements quickly followed in 2000, including the Integrated Facility for Linux (IFL) engines. Think Blue Linux was an early mainframe distribution consisting mainly of Red Hat packages added to the IBM kernel. Commercial Linux distributors introduced mainframe editions very quickly after the initial kernel work, and these mainframe versions have now been available for several years.

Mad Monks MVS Performance Bazaar

Information, People

MVS and MXG performance tidbits

Mainframe Gurukul


Mainframes FORUMS Tutorials Jobs interview questions - cobol JOBS - DB2 SQL CICS mainframe cobol programming, interview questions, manuals

Mainframe Processor version codes and SRM constants

IBM, Information

Gives the service units / second for every IBM mainframe. It replaces what was before put in the MVS Initilisation and Tuning Guide. The SRMsec/RealSec are also in the list.

Mainframe Upgrade


WHO IS THIS SITE FOR? IT professionals working in, or looking to work in, the IBM Mainframe environment. IT directors and Company directors looking to maximise profits from their IBM Mainframe strategy, hardware, and software. The site focuses on IBM System z9 and IBM ® 800/890/900/990



The goal of this site is to give the community of MVS professionals a place where they can help each other. Advanced, intermediate and beginning MVS professionals are all welcome here. With your support and participation, this site can help the entire MVS community by providing active forums for asking and answering questions on MVS topics such as COBOL, DB2, Utilities, JCL, CICS, and so on.  With over 30,000 articles and experienced moderators we are confident you can find or get any question regarding MVS topics answered here.



The mission of NaSPA, Inc., a not-for-profit organization, is to enhance the status and promote the advancement of all network and systems professionals; nurture members' technical and managerial knowledge and skills; improve members' professional careers through the sharing of technical information; promote the profession as a whole; further the understanding of the profession and foster understanding and respect for individuals within it; develop and improve educational standards; and assist in the continuing development of ethical standards for practitioners in the industry.

OS/390 and CICS @ ronmas.virtualave.net


Dedicated to OS/390 and CICS links. A webmaster section is included along with job hunt and IT magazines.

Planet MVS (David Alcock)

Information, People

Planet MVS - or: how I learned to stop worrying and love the mainframe!

This is a non-profit web site that is dedicated to helping fellow MVS (OS/390) systems programmers. It is a "fan" site of the MVS operating system and IBM mainframes in general.

Programming Stuff


A mainframe application programmer's reference library & toolkit. Links for COBOL, error messages, utilities. Javascript tools include a by-month Day-of-Year calendar for finding julian dates, and a BLKSIZE calculator.

Prycroft Six

Information, People

Prycroft Six provides MVS, OS/390 and z/OS program products and technical services including system software development.

RACF Downloads

IBM, Information

Check out the eserver/zseries/zos/racf/ directory on the z/OS FTP Server for the very useful sample utilities shown below.  Please note that the IBM Support Center does not provide support for any of these programs. Please direct all questions and reports of problems to  RACF-L 

Red Hat downloads

Information, Software


Rock Painters (Bruce Gillispie)

Information, People

Mainframe, Midrange, & Micro Computers, plus Technical Articles 

S/390 System Utilities Main index (Jan Jaeger)

Information, People
  • ZZSA, Standalone utilities for MVS, including editor, VTOC list, device list, DASD ZAP etc.
  • NODSI, An utility to manipulate datasets that have GRS ENQs against them.
  • F1REWALL, An implementation of the VTAM session management exit ISTEXCAA to control session setup by means of RACF profiles.
  • MPF$NTFY, A MPF exit which transforms WTO messages into JES2 notify messages.
  • PARMTZ, An Unix System Services program which will allow you to set the TZ variable from CLOCKxx or the Sysplex Timer.
  • IRXFMATH, A REXX function package which provides mathematical functions.
  • WHOHAS, An ISPF utility to display GRS ENQ resources and requestors.
  • VMCP, Provides a CP operator command to MVS when it is running under VM.
  • JSCH, Like ASCH, a transaction scheduler, but this one schedules started tasks rather then ASCH transactions.
  • PDS upload/download utilities, Utilities to create IEBUPDTE format sequential files from partitioned datasets, and restore ISPF statistics after rebuilding PDS using IEBUPDTE

S390 Resources at Nichols.biz

Information, People

A small but fine collection USS and z/OS goodies including the home of PGP2.6.3is for MVS

Sam Bass' MVS Home Page

Information, People

A small collection of MVS utilities.



SearchDataCenter.com is the best online information resource for the latest news, tech tips and expert advice for IT managers responsible for the complex environment of the data center. Access in-depth analysis on upcoming technology and new trends in the industry so that you can successfully evaluate and make strategic business decisions in the corporate data center


Information, Training

SHARE is an independent association user group providing IT and enterprise technology professionals with training, technical content and networking opportunities focused on IBM System z Mainframe Technology.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP2 for System z

Information, Software

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 Service Pack 2 for IBM System z

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is a highly reliable, scalable and secure server operating system, built to power mission-critical workloads in physical, virtual and cloud environments.

With this affordable, interoperable and manageable open source foundation, enterprises can cost-effectively deliver core business services, enable secure networks and easily manage their heterogeneous IT resources, maximizing efficiency and value.

Recommended by SAP and Microsoft, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is optimized to deliver high-performance mission-critical services, as well as run edge of network, and web infrastructure applications. This modular operating system runs on five processor architectures and is available with optional extensions for high availability clustering, real-time computing, and a software development kit.

The American Programmer.com


Welcome to The American Programmer.com.
It's IBM Mainframe, MVS, OS390, zOS, AS/400 iSeries and Web Programming.
Books, manuals and information about AS/400 iSeries, SQL, REXX, DB2, TSO, ISPF Dialogue Manager, COBOL, Z/OS, CICS, Java, Visual Basic and Unix.
This on-line Mainframe bookstore has 349 books that are hard to find on the shelves of bookstores.
We have tried to find all the mainframe and midrange books that are currently available.
We have organized them so that they are easy to find.

The Green Screen

Information, People

Are you a mainframer? You can find out here at this personal website focused on the mainframe. Additional features: table of contents listings for several out of print books, links to current discussion lists and blogs, mainframe videos from The Raised Floor Network and others, and humor pages.


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