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European-Wide Mainframe Systems Consulting since 1977.
z/OS, z/VM, zLinux and zVSE. CICS, WebSphere, MQ, RACF.

Michel Castelein's Home Page

Consulting, People

For more than 30 years I enjoyed being an z/OS (formerly known as MVS and OS/390) system engineer, i.e. I'm a freak that loves genuine computers (= mainframes).
(So, don't ask me anything about Mickeysoft's Windoze etc.)

There are two kinds of people: those who do, and those who say what & how to do.
Well, in 1987 I switched sides as I am now an education consultant/instructor.
Since beginning 2005, I'm freelance. Arcis Services is my own company.

I've written and taught a lot of mostly z/OS-related courses, but "Java Programming" is an example of platform-independent course I've developed.

I have already conducted a huge number of public (i.e. open enrollment) and in-house course sessions mainly in Belgium, but also in Luxembourg, the Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, and Israel.
The handouts are written in English but I teach my courses in Dutch, French, and English.
It is worthwhile to mention that I also trained people "from scratch". They had no prior IT knowledge but became operational after a 2-month "mainframe academy" education.


Consulting, Software

DataKinetics, the leader in transaction optimization, helps the top data centers in the world to optimize transactions and transaction-related data, reducing their cost-per-transaction.  In business for 35 years, DataKinetics products are powering over a billion business mission-critical transactions per second every day for the world’s largest banking, credit card, brokerage house, insurance, healthcare, retail and telecommunication organizations.


AFG Consultants Inc.


Expertise in :

  • System Software Development (Assembler, C),
    OS/390 (internals, authorized services), z/OS, VM/CMS, DOS/VSE
  • IBM Telecommunications Access Methods: VTAM LU6.2 etc. (+ BTAM, QTAM, TCAM).
  • MVS/JES2 Exits, sub-routines, custom software, compilers and translators
  • TSO / ISPF / REXX development
  • Systems Programming / Technical Services (MVS, JES2 (HASP!), SMP, CA/Activator, IPCS, MICS, CICS, Xpediter, Intertest, Endevor, Rochade)
  • Systems Analyst / Lead Programmer (CICS, IMS)
  • Application Systems Development
    (Cobol, PL/I, Fortran, APS, Gener/OL, Mantis, FOCUS, Easytrieve, SAS, etc.)
  • CICS, IMS/DC, Intercomm, etc. at all levels
  • PC interfaces, 3270 API (Assembler, Basic, C++, Clipper, etc.)



Ajilon has enabled our clients to take advantage of changes in the information systems industry. Our management consultants, business analysts, and information technology professionals are uniquely qualified to collaborate with you to develop solutions that are right for your business today and in the future.

Audit Serve, Inc. HomePage


Audit Serve has a 20 year track record of providing industry-leading consulting services.  Audit Serve provides a wide range of Audit, Compliance, Security, PCI and SOX Consulting Services.
Audit Serve retains a staff of experience consultants who have worked at Audit Serve for at least four years.  Each consultant has at least 20 years experience in either systems integration and/or auditing and has worked on Audit Serve engagements for a minimum of three years.   
Our primary goal of providing the most cost-effective solution while maintaining the highest quality standards.


B.V. Bixoft

Information, Training, Consulting

B.V. Bixoft is a dutch firm, specialized in assembler-programming for mainframes. Not just for z/OS (also known as MVS or OS/390), but also for VM/CMS and DOS/VSE environments

Barnett Network Strategies


z/OS and CICS Systems Programming
Full Life Cycle Using PL/1, BAL, COBOL or C#
TSO-REXX with ISPF Dialogs RAD
Change Management Solutions
Computer Security Review 

Best Customer Solutions - Mainframehelp

Information, Consulting

Mainframe systems software(z/OS,CICS,DB2,IMS data base,SMS,HSM,RMM,TCP/IP,VTAM,etc.)consulting,outsourcing,support,web setup,migration,installation,planning & design,systems programming

Blue Hill Data Services, Inc.

Hardware, Consulting

Blue Hill has been offering mainframe services since 1994. Our goal is simple: Provide our customers an equivalent or better mainframe processing environment at a reduced cost by leveraging our software, staff and facilities on the customer's behalf.

C2i Solutions, Inc.


C2i Solutions, Inc. provides technology, consulting, systems integration, and security solutions by integrating best of breed COTS IT Infrastructure, Security technology and Software, and professional services as an IT SYSTEMS AND INFORMATION SECURITY INTEGRATOR C2i Solutions is focused on integrating business tools and business know-how to the government market with a distinct focus on federal agencies, and public sector entities that require IT infrastructure transformation expertise, information, protection, and information and data access security solutions.



Ciber is a global information technology company with nearly 40 years of proven IT experience, world-class credentials and a wide range of technology expertise. Nearly 97 percent of our clients say they’d recommend Ciber to colleagues and use us again on future IT initiatives.

Clipper Group, Inc.

Information, Consulting

The Clipper Group concentrates on critical issues and decisions for information technology buyers, vendors and investors. Our portfolio of services combines technology assessment with business process expertise.
Our Missions :

  • Helping mid-sized corporations make the right information technology decisions by focusing on each company's critical business values.
  • Helping information technology vendors resolve strategic product and marketing issues by better understanding the business needs of the marketplace

The Clipper Group Navigatortm, published since 1993, discusses and reviews IT products.

CMG Home Page

Information, Consulting

The Computer Measurement Group is a not-for-profit, worldwide organization of IT professionals committed to sharing information and best practices focused on ensuring the efficiency and scalability of IT service delivery to the enterprise through measurement, quantitative analysis and forecasting.

Control Solutions

Software, Consulting

Control Solutions has over 15 years experience in helping customers automate their data centers through innovative software solutions from BMC Software. Whether you are looking to purchase products or get the very best you can in Professional Services, Control Solutions is here to help.

But, sales is only the beginning. Once you purchase your software, Control Solutions is uniquely positioned to ensure that the software you purchase gets installed and implemented as quickly as possible so you can maximize the return on your investment.

Introducing EZ/M from Control Solutions

EZ/M is an exciting tool that allows you to produce high quality printable graphical flow charts of mainframe CONTROL-M scheduling tables - both job and group. EZ/M also allows you to define and modify mainframe CONTROL-M job definitions and calendars from any PC running Windows 95, Windows 98 Windows NT, Windows 2000, or Windows XP.

Coveford Data Systems (CDS)


Coveford is a private company established in 1976 to provide technical support services to European users of large IBM mainframes. This service was provided by  Coveford Data Systems Ltd (its subsidiary) better known to both customers and staff as CDS.

Early in the new millennium the decision was taken to gradually refocus the companies activities on to IT R&D and this is now the company's sole activity.

CPR Systems


CPR was formed for several reasons:

  1. To focus/consolidate the individual/private non volunteer activities that each has been doing in the VSE arena for many years.
  2. To provide a vehicle from which we could remain active in the VSE arena.
  3. To provide a structure and vehicle that would support our volunteer efforts and commitments to the VSE Community.
  4. As an effort to return to the VSE community some of the knowledge and assistance that others had shared with and passed on to us.
  5. To offer a unique education model to the VSE community, education that the community had requested, but had not been responded to by others.
  6. To offer truly unique and cost effective solutions to VSE requirements.
  7. The intent of CPR is to deliver those unique specialized education opportunities and products users have requested, thru a non aligned private enterprise, at an unbeatable value.

Cressida Technology


WebSphere MQ Message Delivery Assurance, Governance and Management solutions (Cressida Technology), Applications and Systems Performance, Availability and Service Delivery solutions (IBM Tivoli and Cressida Technology), Physical and Virtual Enterprise Infrastructures Security, Configuration, Compliance and email Messaging Management offerings (IBM, Ecora Corporation, Sherpa Software). 

Data Distributors

Hardware, Consulting

DDi understands mainframe infrastructure and delivers the benefits of large-scale service to our customers. Skilled mainframe technicians address your most complex system challenges. For over 35 years, as a premier IT mainframe outsourcing provider, our diverse technology investments allow us to provide clients around the world with greater efficiency, scalability and economies of scale.
Ranging from a simple application running in a shared environment, to selective outsourcing, full-scale remote mainframe outsourcing, and everything in-between, we will fulfill your unique requirements.
Small enough to provide individual attention, and big enough to provide the know-how to handle a large job: Mainframe is spoken here.



DecisionOne provides IT Infrastructure Services that achieve superior business results, through globally leveraged engineered services. We offer full IT lifecycle solutions to assess, design, implement and operate technology infrastructure. Our integrated onsite, remote and logistics capabilities provide a turn-key solution to ensure systems performance, client satisfaction and service quality. We support multi-vendor IT environments ranging from: the data center and network; to desktop/notebook and mobile computing; to printers, kiosks and specialized IT equipment. DecisionOne solutions - aligned with business processes, designed to optimize results

Echo Associates Inc.


Established in 1981, ECHO Associates, Inc., continues to serve the technical needs of our clients by supplying the most talented TPF professionals available.
We serve the transportation, hospitality, financial and E-commerce communities by providing mainframe and client/server software solutions.

Expanded Systems Services Ltd

Training, Consulting

ESS is a team of experienced z/OS System Programmers focused on software development, education and consulting services. Bringing our team to bear on your organization's initiatives will bring assured success.


Hardware, Software, Consulting

Fujitsu - Leading provider of IT products and services for the global marketplace including hardware, software, networking, business solutions, and more.

Glenwood Consulting

Information, Consulting

Free PC based ISPF file tailoring skeleton analysis tool. Builds cross references between skeletons and other )IM'd skeletons; skeletons and variables; skeletons and tables; and skeletons and executed programs. There is also functionality to allow uploading data to a z/OS host to load into DB2 tables

Goldis Consulting Services


Goldis Consulting Services is an independent consultancy specializing in technical aspects of computer security. Since the mid 1980′s, we’ve been known for our successful penetration studies in RACF, ACF2, and Top Secret environments.

Gregory & Associates


C.E. Gregory & Associates, Inc. provides the utmost in professional IT systems consulting. Our project management experience and technical expertise offer an array of technical and training services that can optimize your Information Technology operations, products, and organization. With the guidance, assistance and vision of C.E. Gregory & Associates, Inc., you can maximize the return on investment of your information systems technology.

Our information security services provide special value by helping you establish and maintain, in a cost effective and trouble free manner, an efficient and effective secured processing environment. Using advanced methodologies and the latest in sophisticated security product capabilities, C.E. Gregory & Associates, Inc. assists you in implementing and administrating information security and robust privacy protection quickly and effectively.

Your goals are our goals. You need solutions that contribute to the success of your objectives, and you need them now. Yet these solutions must be able to help you adapt and grow in a rapidly changing environment. C.E. Gregory & Associates, Inc. can help you implement and administer a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. We can show you how to analyze your existing topology and simplify the maintenance of your disaster recovery documentation. We also will demonstrate simple, effective ways to test every aspect of your disaster recovery plan.

ICU IT Services


ICU IT Services specialise in providing high quality systems oriented staff, skilled in IT infrastructurs based on the IBM System 390 (S/390) platform, for high profile clients in the European marketplace. Our consultants are currently positioned in both a ‘hands on’ role, for various long and medium term client projects, and also in advisory positions.
ICU IT Services concentrate in providing staff in the areas of Systems Programming, Consultancy, Project Management, and Support. Specific roles include Product installation and implementation, Product tuning, Data sharing, Backup and Recovery strategies, Quality Assurance, Change Management, Exploitation Management, Education/Training and both product specific and S/390 technical support.
Specific skills available for the S/390 platform include CICS, DB2 UDB, IMS, MQ-Series, MVS, USS, WebSphere, SNA and TCP/IP Networking and various IBM Utilities.
Other core knowledge includes IDMS, DBRC, BMC Utilities, Platinum Utilities, Candle workbench, OPC/ESA and also significant experience in UNIX and NT environments.
ICU IT Services is also committed to providing quality expertise in the seamless integration of E-commerce products, with potentially UNIX or Windows NT distributed components, together with an Enterprises S/390 data centre.
ICU IT Services mission is to develop its core knowledge base of the IBM S/390 environment in conjunction with providing expertise in the use and integration of E-commerce related products in System 390.
ICU IT Services vision is to become the European Centre for mainframe based architectures.
ICU IT Services currently operate in four European Countries, The Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland.



Development of enterprise level applications, conducting legacy application migrations and developing individual components within existing ERPs and CRMs

Lancaster Systems, Inc.


Since 1984, Lancaster Systems, Inc. has been committed to providing Information Technology Consulting Solutions enabling organizations to solve complex IT staffing challenges with innovation, value, efficiency, and success.

MainFrame Service Providers, Inc.


 MainFrame Service Providers was established in 1995 and is located in the Wall Street area of New York City. Initially launched as a value-added reseller specializing in IBM mainframe systems, MFSP has since expanded to include all platforms from Intel/AMD systems to System p Enterprise servers.

Mainline Information Systems

Hardware, Consulting

Award winning, industry leading hardware, software and application solution provider for server, storage and desktop virtualization; cloud computing, security, business intelligence; data center, infrastructure, IT Services, business continuity and disaster recovery.

NMI Internet Expert Services


NMI is one of the most experienced providers of security, governance, risk management & compliance solutions in the world.

Operating Systems & Platforms

  • Android
  • iOS (iPhone, iPad)
  • Linux
  • Windows
  • z/VM (z-Series)
  • z/OS (z-Series)
  • i/OS (i-Series)
  • Sun Solaris
  • OpenBSD
  • HP-UX
  • AIX
  • SCO UnixWare & OpenServer
  • MacOS & OS X
  • OS/2



Welcome at Ricos, your preferred Information Technology Partner. Ricos was founded in 1999 by IT professional Jan Riviere. We provide high quality IT services for top companies in Belgium, mainly in the area of mainframe application development.

During the last 25 years, We gained a broad IT and business experience in the banking sector as well as the industry sector. We work onsite or offsite, independently, as a developer or analyst of a development team, technical designer, technical team leader, or as a technical project leader. We seek to provide services at the highest level of professionalism, expediency and integrity to my client. As fully qualified independent IT professionals, we are highly motivated and results-driven with an outstanding work ethic and ability to learn and apply new skills, a remarkable depth of knowledge and highly adaptable

As fully qualified independent IT professionals, we are highly motivated and results-driven with an outstanding work ethic and ability to learn and apply new skills, a remarkable depth of knowledge and highly adaptable.


Service Professional GmbH

Training, Consulting

The limited company was founded in 1989. Company base is Bad Herrenalb.

Our Company Objectives are practical training of IT-staff on mainframe computers and project support providing guidance and advice as well as hands-on development.



 Founded in 1987, SimoTime Enterprises is a privately owned Company. We specialize in the creation and deployment of business applications using new or existing technologies and services. We have a team of individuals that understand the broad range of technologies being used in today's environments. This includes the smallest thin client using the Internet and the very large mainframe systems.
There is more to making the Internet work for your company's business than just having a nice looking WEB site. It is about combining the latest technologies and existing technologies with practical business experience. It's about the business of doing business and looking good in the process.
Quite often, to reach larger markets or provide a higher level of service to existing customers it requires the newer Internet technologies to work in a complementary manner with existing corporate mainframe systems. Whether you want to use the Internet to expand into new market segments or as a delivery vehicle for existing business functions simply give us a call if you need assistance.
To learn more about some of the challenges of integrating the Internet with existing Mainframe systems take a look at the "Library" section of our Web Site or give us a call for a free copy of the white paper that discusses the transformation of mainframe legacy applications for the Internet.

Sine Nomine Associates


Sine Nomine Associates is an IT research and custom development engineering firm that transforms emerging technology into practical business solutions. We provide engineering and business planning services for existing and evolving systems. Our services include installed mission-critical infrastructure and applications, business transformation applications, comprehensive architecture designs, ongoing support, and long-term operations training. Together, these services create durable, scalable and secure solutions.

Balancing between developing the cutting edge and implementing proven best practices, our solutions are based on three core maxims:

  • preserve effective existing systems,
  • evolving new systems and services, and
  • applying research and development

Softech Solutions, Inc.


Softech Solutions, Inc. is an established software consulting firm specializing in credit related systems, including PaySys' VisionPlus credit card software, for large credit card processors – both issuers and acquirers. Our customers are some of the largest banks, retailers, and credit card processors in the world.
Softech was established in 1994 by a group of veteran software developers and is the premiere independent consulting firm for enhancements, modifications, implementations, conversions, performance tuning, and training, related to PaySys International’s VisionPlus, Vision21 and CardPac products. We can design and implement full applications, or modifications to existing applications.



Sogeti is a leading provider of professional technology services, specializing in Application Management, Infrastructure Management and High-Tech Engineering. Sogeti offers cutting-edge solutions around Testing, Business Intelligence, Mobility, Cloud and Security, combining world class methodologies and the global delivery model, Rightshore®. Sogeti brings together more than 20 000 professionals in 15 countries and is present in over 100 locations in Europe, the US and India. Sogeti is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cap Gemini S.A., listed on the Paris Stock Exchange.
The organization is simple, clear and stable; businesses are operated on an entrepreneurial basis, defining their own formula for business success, while line management ensures proper transfer of know-how and a solid sense of belonging. The whole approach builds on a strong emphasis on client satisfaction, enabling Sogeti to beat its competitors in many published industry rankings.

SSC, Inc.

  • Company was started in 1989, and incorporated in 1990
  • SSC, Inc. has provided high quality, Mainframe System Programming services, to major organizations throughout the Washington, DC Metropolitan area
  • Law Enforcement expertise with records management, and NCIC/NLETS message traffic using TCP/IP and BSC
  • Installation and/or migration of z/OS, OS/390, and MVS/ESA at numerous organizations in the Washington, DC area
  • Recent involvement in writing CICS Sockets applications and CICS Web aware applications
  • Three year, System Programming outsourcing contract, for a prestigious Washington, DC University (1994 - 1997)
  • Involvement in projects that required all aspects of Mainframe System Programming, to include: Operating System, CICS, Networking, DB2, IMS, Assembler programming, Imaging, and Disaster Recovery

SunGard Computer Services


SunGard is one of the world’s leading software and technology services companies. SunGard has more than 17,000 employees and serves approximately 25,000 customers in more than 70 countries. SunGard provides software and processing solutions for financial services, education and the public sector. SunGard also provides disaster recovery services, managed IT services, information availability consulting services and business continuity management software. With annual revenue of about $4.5 billion, SunGard is the largest privately held software and services company and was ranked 480 on the Fortune 500 list in 2011.

Headquartered in Wayne, Pennsylvania, SunGard is comprised of four businesses - Availability Services, Financial Systems, K-12 Education and Public Sector - that provide technology services and infrastructure, and software and processing solutions.

SVA zHosting

Hardware, Consulting

SVA is one of the leading system integrators in Germany in the fields of DataCenter Infrastructure. The company – founded in 1997 and based in Wiesbaden/Germany – by now has more than 140 employees at 10 branch offices all over Germany. The corporate objective of SVA is the combination of high quality IT products of different vendors with the project know-how and flexibility of SVA to achieve optimum solutions for our customers.
SVA core subjects are not only High Availability Architectures and High Performance Computing, but also High Scalability SAN Architectures, Data Security and Disaster Recovery as well as Virtualization Technologies in the area of servers and SAN. SVA is a Premier Business Partner of IBM Germany. This partnership is the most intensive cooperation with IBM and requires permanent proof of technology and competence in our services.
IBM Mainframe has always been and still is one of the core compentences of SVA. With highly skilled system engineers – adding up to more than 500 years of IBM experience – SVA is heading Europes top-selling IBM Premier Business Partners.
In 2001, SVA launched a mainframe emulation solution within the framework of the IBM/FLEX-ES program which basically aimed at members of the “IBM Partnerword for Developer (PWD)” in German-speaking countries. The pioneering role soon developed into a market-leading position – till this day, SVA attends to more than 70 customers in this area. A proved wealth of experience in the fields of consulting, IBM PartnerWorld administration, installation and operating services led to an excellent market penetration by SVA. Today, SVA keeps up constant and cooperative communications with customers and prospects all over Europe.

Trident Services


Since founding in 1978, Trident Services has established a solid reputation for the excellence of our software, the responsiveness of our support team, and the expertise of our consulting staff. Our senior systems consultants are all US based professionals with an average of over 20 years experience in their individual specialties.

Trident Services, Inc. is a privately held California corporation with current small business certification, and holds both GSA and CMAS contracts. We are a committed member of the Mainframe community and have been an IBM Business Partner for over 20 years. Trident Services began as a consulting firm, and it was through this experience that we identified needs within the industry. Since launching our first software solution in 1988, we have continued to develop and enhance our software products and services to keep pace with industry changes, emerging technologies and client driven needs.

Our flagship product, zOSEM (zOperating System Environment Manager) is a powerful software tool of strategic importance in the enterprise server environment. Driven by a simple ISPF interface, zOSEM encompasses a multitude of features for improved control, throughput, and processing efficiency in a z/OS environment. zOSEM is enabling customers to reduce & control ISV costs, eliminate exit migration issues, and provides an easy to use DFSMShsm Optimizer which can dramatically improve HSM performance.

Working smarter is a necessity in today's economic climate; Trident customers can relax knowing they have a smart solution that Saves Time, Money and Maximizes Resources!

Triton Consulting


We're Information Management Specialists experts in the field of DB2 consultancy, database and information management. We are the leading provider of IBM Information Management consultancy in the UK supporting a diverse range of Global clients.



TSD was formed in 1994 to provide consultancy services, education and system software for the IBM mainframe market place. We have undertaken projects throughout Europe providing both high level consultancy and implementation skills to enable project delivery across all commercial sectors.
The primary objective of our company is to provide a centre of expertise within the IBM technical arena and we achieve this by maintaining the high quality of our consultancy and monitoring the effectiveness of our solutions through strong project management disciplines.

TYC Consulting Resources, Inc.


Our Experienced Team of Professionals can provide you with the following services:.

  • Computer Programming
  • Business or Applications Analysts
  • Systems Programming
  • Project Management
  • Production Support

These services can be performed on-site or remotely depending on your specific needs. Our expertise is in the area of large IBM mainframe and AS/400 midrange computers.

VM Resources Ltd.

Training, Consulting

We are dedicated to deliver top notch “VM” and “Linux on System z” consulting, training, and VM software to our clients. We pledge to deliver value with care, professionalism and excellence.

Watson & Walker, Inc.

Information, Training, Consulting

Cheryl Watson has been using and explaining mainframe operating systems since 1965. We at Watson & Walker, Inc. offer practical mainframe performance and measurement advice. Through our paid electronic publication Cheryl Watson's Tuning Letter, which comes out six times a year, we assist system programmers, capacity planners and performance analysts world wide using the IBM z/OS (previously the OS/390 or MVS) operating system. Our goal is to provide vendor-independent and very practical assistance and training, keeping our customers up-to-date and saving them valuable time, money and resources. We also offer two software products, BoxScore and GoalTender.

Please review all our offerings below, and while you're at it sign up for our free "Cheryl's List", a periodic emailing which contains such things as notices of publication dates, brief summaries of recent newsletters, news of software releases, and similar information.

Wise Ltd IT Training & Consulting

Training, Consulting

Since 1996 Wise Ltd has been providing IT training and consulting services throughout the UK, Europe and beyond. All of our courses are instructor-led by highly experienced and dedicated IT training professionals. We are constantly expanding and updating our course syllabus to incorporate new and emerging technologies. Public courses are held at our training rooms at London Gatwick; any of our courses are also available on-site at your premises.

zOSTEk.com Mainframe Resources

Information, Consulting

Welcome to zOSTEk.com, a developing resource for professionals working in IBM's zSeries Mainframe environments and using IBM's z/OS Operating System. The portal aims to provide helpful advice, hints and tips, features and code samples covering all aspects of the z/OS Operating System for Systems Programmers, Operation Analysts, Operators and Developers. The site, through it's searchable knowledge base provides links to sample Assembler code, REXX code, JCL samples, IBM and ISV message descriptions in plain english and much more including tutorials, articles and downloads.

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