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BLOG TUTO 02 : How to add images in your blogs.

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This should only be used to add an entry to the blogs index... Use WordPress for real content, it is much better (see the related tutorials) !

While creating a blog, look for this icon in the editor :

... and click on it

You'll see this :

Click on "Browse Server"

This is your directory of images...

You can add images from your workstation with the Upload button

Thumbnails can be created immediately or you will be able to do it later.

Next, once your images have been uploaded, choose one and do Insert


That's all...

Here is my son, Thomas, by the way ;)

Important: Once you have used an image in one of your blogs, please never suppress them... Otherwise they won't appear in your blog anymore !


Next tutos will be "how to add other formats (sound, videos, pdf files...)"

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