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Eric Loriaux Services' mainframers' page is back !

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This site, like its previous version, is still mainly a searchable links database for resources concerning IBM System z mainframes, including z/OS, z/VM, z/VSE, z/Linux and z/TPF operating systems. So, newcomers should certainly begin with the links menu (LINKS - ALL LINKS)
You don't really need to registrated to search links; however you will certainly need to if you want to feed the database with your own mainframer bookmark.

I've also added lots of new features but their success will greatly depend on you :

  • News from feeds such as RSS...
  • Links as usual, as I said... But a lot better now as companies and individuals will be able to add links on their own.
  • Users page, allowing you to present yourself to the community.
  • Forums, to discuss all mainframe-related stuff. Haven't you found a good forum to discuss about you favorite product ? I can host it for you !
  • Blogs, that will allow you to publish content. Share your skills with us. New WordPress is now in production (see tutos in the blogs menu)  !
  • Mailing list, if this is more appropriate than forum; maybe it will be more interesting to use forums for discussions and mailing list for newsletters... We'll see.
  • Polls, allowing us to experiment online democracy... And decide together about the opportunity of creating a forum or a mailing list.
  • Online chat : see the bottom bar on your screen; you have "Who's online" on the right and Chatrooms on the left. Do you know many mainframers' site who offer you such a feature, by the way ?
  • No broken links : all links referenced are checked daily; maybe you're not used to that... Broken links are removed in less than 24 hours.

All these nice features are fully searchable and you can contribute to the content.. Explore the menus and see how quickly you'll get used to it !

I must confess this server runs under Ubuntu Linux, not a System z operating system... Sorry for that ;)

Don't hesitate...

You're welcome to register and account on this site ! laugh

TO OBTAIN WRITE ACCESS : you'll have to send me a message explaining in a few words your position in the mainframe business after having registered... in order to have write access. Sorry for this constraint but this is required to avoid spammers...

Eric Loriaux (ericl), webmaster at loriaux-services.be

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by Dr. Radut